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February 16, 2018 | Stanley M.

Updated: 8/12/19

The two questions that you should ask yourself: Are my videos too short? How lengthy should my videos be?
The right running time is dependent on each video clips's objectives—the scope that you want to cover, and the amount of detail. There's no one size fits all. However, your overall mission should be to create content that your fans can sit back and enjoy. 

First, you need to understand your audience and how the content will be used. For example: Justfor.Fans or Onlyfans have an audience that is primarily MEN, both Hetero and Homosexual. And a large majority of these men are expecting videos to have enough of a running-time to view while masturbating to ejaculation. This can't be accomplished with clips shorter than 5 minutes long. Short clips are more suited for snapchat and instagram. It's important to create an full experience. 

 Creating new content can be consuming if you practice bad time-management. The most critical mistake that I've seen with experienced or amateur 'models" happens while shooting or editing their videos. For example, if it takes a male model 5-10 minutes to ejaculate, the entire session should be recorded. Instead, models have a tendency of starting the recording just a few moments before they cum. That's a huge mistake. You're doing more work than what's actually being produced. If you masturbate for 10 minutes, then the video should be 10 minutes. Don't waste valuable time.

If you're skeptical  and think that 40 minutes might be too much.Think about it in another way. Based on my chart above ⁠—If you completed your first full year on onlyfans you would have accumulated around 8 hours worth of videos during a 12 month period. That's only 1 day worth of work, because a typical work-day is 8 hours. If you maintained atleast 10 subscribers, you would have made $1,200 ($10.00 x 10 subscribers x 12 months). However, with a regular job 9-5 job, at $15 per hour you would have earned $180 (12hrs x $15). So, you would have made x6 times more money in comparison. Keep this in mind.

What are your costs? Are you charging too much or too little?
There are several factors that should influence the price for your adult subscription. Your rate of work should include the burdens associated with delivering your product to the market, as well as competitor's prices.
Market penetration pricing is a pricing strategy that sets a low initial price for a product. The goal is to quickly attract new customers based on the low cost. This strategy is most effective for discouraging customers from joining your competition. The price is usually set around $5.00 to $8.00 dollars.
Premium pricing
is the practice of setting a price higher than the market price, in the expectation that customers will purchase it due to the perception that it must have better quality. This pricing practice would not fit most amateur models, and suited more for professional pornstars or entertainers that have some level of accomplishment in an intersecting industry. This price is usually set around $11.99 to $20.00.

An amateur model should NEVER  use prices that resemble the costs associated with a professional adult website which could range between $19.99 to $40.00. You might ask yourself why? The first major difference is professional studios don't shoot their videos with low-quality camera phones. Check out the following list of professional expenses below:

  • Experienced Photographers and Videographers (usually have college degrees) and hourly rates around $50 - $150 per hour.
  • Equipment: Ultra-high definition 4K Camera, microphones, teleprompters, green screen
  • Location:  Some Film productions cover additional fees to cover travel expenses
  • Stage Crew: Additional equipment, and operating crews for lighting, editing, and set design, stylist, and makeup-artist.
Most onlyfans models shoot their video and photos from the comforts of their own home, and without the benefits of an professional level of production. You also won't have the thousands of hours worth of videos and photos that a professional porn-site would have. For example have 400 full-featured videos at 15 minutes or longer, and 20,000 photos that's available for a $20.00 (monthly fee). As a amateur model, you wouldn't be able to match that level of content or quality. So, you should never charge an premium fee.

Check out the info-graph of typical Onlyfans prices below.

Your fans won't like being overcharged, and Models don't want to be underpaid. So the most widely used market-price is $9.99 that meets somewhere in the middle. If you are going to charge more, then you need to make sure to match your offerings with exceptional service and content. What's your unique selling proposition? It has to be very strong and unique to you.

What you shouldn't do? Within the last 2 years, the number 1 complaint that I've heard by onlyfans users are models attempting to charged them twice for the same service. You shouldn't charge extra for services that your customers should "rightfully" receive through their paid subscription. This practice is known as price gouging, an term referring to when a seller spikes the prices of goods or commodities to a level much higher than is considered reasonable or fair, and is considered exploitative, and unethical.

Unfortunately, there have been an large amount of models that choose to take advantage of their supporters by withholding their best content, and using their fan's immense curiosity against them. This can be accomplished in several ways, but the most common practices are:

  • uploading shorter clips of an original video and then up-selling the real video "usually" longer in-length for an extra fee.
  • withholding frontal nudity entirely instill a subscriber ops to tip or pay an extra fee.
  • Cutting one scene into several smaller parts, then selling each video clip for an large fee. 

This user will charge a monthly fee, and only post clips "Shorter" than 1 minute long, and then sale the real video for an extremely high fee.
It's not recommended to use any of these tactics. If you wish to generate extra revenue, then create an comprehensive package that's attractive to your buyers. For Example:
  • Live Webcam Shows
  • Customized Videos or Photos
  • Autographed Merchandise
  • Personal phone calls or text messages.
Understanding the Marketplace
Keep in mind that professional scenes can be placed on sale for a premium fee. For example: Pornstars Redd Wolf and September Reign's scene in Dark Divas 3 has an running-time of up to 20 minutes and will cost $5.99.
So, the prices you set to provide "additional services" shouldn't exceed $10.00 or the cost of your monthly subscription. This is the case no manner what you're offering. As an Amateur model, you must charge an fair fee based on quality and your status in the industry.

 If you're still having trouble, use this fee-schedule check out this link below.

Tips should always remain (optional) and not used to up-sell your content. If you believe that you're not making enough money through your monthly subscription fee alone, then try harder to generate more subscribers with a stronger marketing campaign. Don't increase your monthly fee simply because you have a low subscriber base. That would be punishing your early adopters, and they won't be encouraged to renew their subscription once it expires.

In Conclusion, it could be challenging to find the balance between pricing and best business practices. Your services should be affordable with a great value for the money. Have faith in your product and don't try to rush to be successful, it takes time.

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