Ange Dibenesha dies in police custody, sparks outrage

BBC News A major controversy has erupted over the death of a young black man after he was detained by police in Paris.
Ange Dibenesha, 31, was arrested in the French capital on Wednesday evening after his car was stopped by police.His family said they heard nothing from him until they received a phone call from a local hospital on Friday, informing them that he was brain dead. 
An autopsy revealed he died of heart failure. Police said he swallowed an unknown substance during his arrest.
News of Mr Dibenesha's death, which was formally announced on Sunday, was met with anger online, with social media users demanding an explanation using the hashtag #JusticePourAnge.
As the demands mounted, many French people drew parallels to the death of young black men in police custody in the US – a catalyst for the Black Lives Matter movement.

At approximately 01:50 local time (02:50 GMT) on Wednesday night into Thursday morning, police stopped a man's BMW vehicle. They found that he was driving without a valid license and also tested positive for alcohol.

Some 20 minutes later, as police were waiting on a vehicle to take the man into custody, he "ingested an unidentified substance", the statement said.
He shortly began convulsing and was rushed to hospital.
On Monday, Mr Dibenesha's autopsy results found that he had died of a heart failure, possibly as a result of a toxic substance.

In a statement to the media – which does not name Mr Dibenesha – police said the young man had ingested an unknown substance during the police stop. 

Several French media outlets have reported that the substance was a narcotic, citing police or judicial sources. But no official cause has yet been announced, pending test results.

His family was not notified until Friday, by which time he was reportedly brain dead, and doctors were planning to switch off life support. Police in France have faced a wave of criticism in recent years and allegations of unnecessary force.


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