Google Play Music is Shutting Down soon

Google is shutting down another key feature of Google Play Music as it aims to transitions YouTube Music as it's singular music streaming service. The latest removal is the Artist Hub which allows independent musicians to upload and sell their music on the Google Play store and Google Play Music, where users can also track their plays and receive royalty payments.

Starting April 30th, musicians will no longer be able to use the service to upload or edit their tracks. In its place, Google is urging users to become "a YouTube Artist if you aren't already" and recommending a list of YouTube partners (AWAL, Believe, CD Baby, DistroKid, Stem, and TuneCore) for those who still want to sell their music. It will be another month until users get their final reports and payments from the service on May 31st, according to The Verge, before the reports are deleted in their entirety on July 31st.

If you are a Google Play Subscriber and wish to move your playlists to YouTube Music. There is a free service called Tune My Music which allows you to do the job free. Check out the link below.



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