Breaking News | Jeramie Hollins "unraveling" right before our eyes

 The pressure of internet fame is starting to get to Jeramie Hollins, 48 hours after our review he's showing signs of a total mental breakdown.

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He seems to be currently upset about a series of leaks on the LPSG Forum. Which is a popular destination for gay men to post the 411 about onlyfans and connectpal models. Hollins, is so upset he's threatening legal action.

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There's also a few users on Twitter that's leaking unreleased material such as Slappymyfattyseason, an user that's known for baiting male celebrities. Hollins, was apparently baited by his catfish account and was sent unreleased footage by him, while believing he was speaking to a female.
But, it's kinda sad that the stolen nudes are way better than what he posted on his Onlyfans page, so far lol. Currently there are no videos of him jerking off on his subscription, or maybe they were there but was deleted?
Anyway, it's not a good sign when Jeramie is more concerned about unauthorized leaks than focusing on creating content for his subscribers.  

We actually volunteered to help Jeramie minimize those leaks, but he never responded to our email. He actually has alot of people that want him to succeed. But it's falling on death ears.

He needs to understand that unauthorized leaks is part of the Adult business. You can't stop it, only minimize it. When you create great content, work hard, and treat your fans with love and respect they will standup for you, and help fight against leaks.

It's possible. I know Onlyfans models that have over 300 videos, and only experienced 3 or 4 videos being leaked, after nearly 2 years. It's possible to create an healthy environment that allows the fans and the models to co-exist together.

Jeramie Hollins need to stop bitching. And start creating an dialogue with his fans. Stop talking at them like their children. And create an "understanding" and encourage them to help you.

Like I said, there will always be a few jerks that will leak the content. But they can't prosper, or stand up against the 300 fans that have your back! Encourage your fans to report leaked videos and keep rewarding them by producing great content.



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