News: Onlyfans Podcast featuring the Jeramie Hollins Update!

 Author: Stanley M | Original Date 5-12-19

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Update 8-24-19
We are nearing the end of August and Jeramie Hollins failed to post the "movie like" videos he'd promised on instagram back in July.

Update 7-27-19
Since July 14th, he only posted a short g-rated clip that's only 6 seconds revealing his dick-print. You can also find similar clips on his twitter page for free. Currently, there have been no improvement. And in our opinion, we believe Hollins abandoned his onlyfans page. He made alot of promises in the past such as posting everyday, and uploading longer videos but none of those claims have materialized, thus far. However, he did announce that he will post better content in August, but we believe it's just a ploy to keep you from unsubscribing.

Update: 7-14-19
Fans are currently experiencing another dry spell. Hollins, only posted twice between July 5th - July 14th. Within the last 8 days, he uploaded about 45 seconds worth of video clips.
  • Close up penis shot (seating down) - 32 seconds 
  • Full Body shot (Posing front & Back) Cupping penis in-hand (18 seconds)

So far, Jeramie has posted less than 2 minutes worth of video clips for July. Visit us again in 1 week on the 21st for the next update.

Update: 7-3-19
We're back to give you another update! It's been 90 days since Jeramie Hollins first began and we estimate that he has generated around $18,000 - $40,000 in revenue since April.

To break it down further, he only posted a combined total of 23 minutes worth of video clips between April 14th - June 3rd. That's $782.00 per minute. An insane amount of money for a Model that haven't posted any jerk off videos or anything longer than just a few seconds.

Hollins, is definitely taking horrible advantage of his fanbase. Which is why reviews such as this one is so important. For $18,000 he should be recording entire full-featured films!

Our subscription ended on June 5th and we allowed almost a full month to pass before checking back on his progress. And sadly, we didn't miss much. There haven't been much improvement since we've been gone. In-fact, he gotten worst.

He continues to complain about pirated content that's being carried out by a few disrespectful fans. However, their efforts aren't nearly as big enough to cause Hollins a headache. And considering that he made over $20,000 thus far, he should just rethink it as a cost of doing business. He's benefiting way more, than what his potential loses could be. It's Basic Business 101.

Read more here: How to Calculate the Cost of Doing Business

If you're generating far more profit than loses, than you should be a happy camper. You sir, are considered an successful business. Regardless, the porn industry is making billions of dollars each year, despite the leaks on pornhub and xtube. The same thing can be said about Jeramie.

Typically, black-market sellers don't make much money. People will always prefer buying their content directly from the source,  not 3rd parties. 
(Seen Above) Twitter user Him_vs_Him, actions shouldn't invoke an negative reaction. It's upsetting. But he can't stop these "thieves" no more than he can stop the rain! It's apart of doing business. Since, Hollins is making so much money, he should be able to hire an assistant. Whom, can handle all his DMCA complaints. There's also plenty of companies like DMCA Solutions that offer these services. Based on the amount of money that he's making, he can afford it.
 Jeramie isn't stupid. He knows exactly what people want to see, and he's making a personal choice NOT to do it. So that's why our attitude earlier in this review switched from optimism to skeptic.
At this point, he needs to prove to us that he can be the #1 Model on a amazing platform that paid-out over $100 million dollars to content creators since 2017. Lets not be confused! Onlyfans is serious business! But will he start treating it with the respect that it deserves? The answer is most likely, No.

Here's the latest info:

  • Intrusive Watermarks (Some of which covers up his penis)
  • Stat padding ( an action that improves a model's statistical video and photo count, despite being of little benefit to his fans).

      To improve his stats count, he posted several screenshots of short-clips, which is what we call stat-padding. The screenshots serve no purpose, and the actual video is extremely disappointing. 

      So beware, if his photo or video count goes unusually high from 160 to 200 overnight it's most likely because of that reason. I wish I had better news! I really want him to get it together. Believe me, when he finally post a real video we will praise him. But still then, I have to keep it 100% with y'all.

      We have considered all the new information and will downgrade his score to 2-1/2 Stars ⭐⭐ Poor Rating.

      Update: 6-24-19 
      Longest Duration without posting: 2 weeks
      (No posts between June 8th - June 24th)

        Update: 5-14-19

      Our 48 hour evaluation period is now over. We give each model exactly 2 days after our initial review to implement the recommended changes to improve their ratings. 

      Hollins, chose to ignore our email communications and instead opted to entertain low-level verified accounts on instagram. He also released 5-6 non-nude photos on his instagram account that was originally posted on his onlyfans page. Which is a critical mistake. You should never charge a customer for content that you will eventually release for free.

      Also, today on 5/14/19 he changed the price to $14.99 to $20.00. Which is a price-point that is not recommended for Amateur Models. We base this criteria on our Best Adult Industry practices.
      After more consideration, His score will be downgraded from 3-1/2 Stars to 3 out of 5 ⭐⭐⭐ An Average Rating. For the following reasons:
      • Poor Communication
      • Price fluctuations 
      • Releasing for-paid content for free
      We will revisit his page again in exactly 90 days to give you an progress report and update his rating if necessary. For now, this review is officially complete.

      Original Post:

      After much debate I decided to write a Review of Jeramie Hollin's Onlyfans page. Our last review of his friend Seth Holbrooks generated over 17,000 pageviews. It no-doubly helped cautious shoppers make a much wiser decision about where to spend their hard earned money.

      Here we will answer some of your burning questions like "Is Jeramie's subscription worth the money"? What kind of content does he post?  Here, you will get our unbiased opinion in full.

      So, before we begin, let me state that I do understand that his page is basically brand-new. He began posting on April 14th. And I believe it's custom to allow Models to have the time necessary to fully acclimate themselves. 

      Now that we got that out of the way, here's the rundown. We did a basic google search and matched content already seen on his instagram, tumblr and other websites before he launched his onlyfans page. Note: We did not count unauthorized "Leaks"  against him.

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      Total Photos 110
      Total Videos 49
      Longest duration without posting: 13 days 
      Average Running Time per videos: 32 seconds
      Unreleased Content:
      Photos -  50 of 110 is original content, not seen anywhere else.
      Videos -  41 of 49 is original content, not seen anywhere else.
      Jeramie Hollins, onlyfans, Jeramie Hollins nude, review, smooveopj, fitjeramie, twitter, instagram, model, Jeramie Hollins dick, Jeramie Hollins Jerking off, masturbation, pornhub, Jeramie Hollins free videos, dick pics, bbc, big black cock, cum, ebony, model,

      Photos -  58 of 110 does not display full nudity
      Videos -  22 of 49 does not display full nudity

      Jeramie Hollins, onlyfans, Jeramie Hollins nude, review, smooveopj, fitjeramie, twitter, instagram, model, Jeramie Hollins dick, Jeramie Hollins Jerking off, masturbation, pornhub, Jeramie Hollins free videos, dick pics, bbc, big black cock, cum, ebony, model,

      Content that is considered non-nude are videos or photos that do not fully display penis or buttocks. We did not consider semi-nudes that hides his genital, as nude.

      • HD or 4K Quality Videos
      • Displays Full frontal Nudity
        •  No Masturbation/Jerk off videos
        •  All short clips, No videos atleast 5 minutes in length or longer.
         Rate 3/5 Stars ⭐⭐⭐1/2 
        A favorable rating
        Overall, we believe his Onlyfans subscription is worth the initial fee. For $14.99 you will gain access to see an combined total of 68 "original" video clips and photos, which includes unreleased photos from previous photoshoots. But will that be enough to re-new your subscription once it expire? Probably Not.

        The down-side, his video clips are extremely short in length, averaging 32 seconds per video. Which could be a problem for gay male subscribers. Men typically watch porn videos for atleast 5-10 minutes, which is the time it usually takes to masturbate and cum. It would be difficult to cum while watching his videos, since you may have to replay x100 times or pause, because it's too short. His longevity or continued success depends on his ability to improve in this particular area.

        Hollins, averages around one post per week.Which doesn't mean he will post once a week, that's only his average. He will actually preform a large majority of his posts within 2-3 days and then disappear for 10-14 days at a time. If you are looking for a subscription that will be updated frequently, then you would be greatly disappointed. With each video averaging only 32 seconds, you won't be too happy once he forgets to post for almost 2 weeks thereafter.

        For onlyfans, the real money comes from customers renewing their subscriptions every month. It allow models to build their core-base and create a steady stream of revenue.  However, if a mass majority of his fans are unhappy, he will bleed subscribers each month instead. So, he will need to figure out what's required of himself to keep his fans satisfied.
        Hollins, has begun at an excellent pace. He shown great potential within his first 30 days of operation. However, his activity has sharply declined after the first month. I would suggest a number of things for him to improve such as posting atleast twice per week, and include longer videos. The videos should be around (5-8) minutes or longer. Also, he should only post full nudity on his onlyfans page and set aside the non-nude photos primarily for promotional use.

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