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For Centuries, unsightly body-hair has been a trade-mark for European men. An survey conducted in the UK by male grooming brand Manscape, found that only 20% of men would groom their body-hair to please a partner.

Non-Groomed European Man
However, grooming practices among African American men in the US (shaving, beard trimming, and manscaping ) carried heavy cultural meaning passed down by our Ancestors. 

According to historians, In the 6th century Egyptians would shave their entire bodies every other day as part of a ritual cleansing. Hair removal was extremely important to the ancient society, that kings would have their barbers shave them with sanctified, jewel-encrusted razors. When a king died, he was often buried with a barber and his trusty razor, so he could continue to get daily shaves in the afterlife.
Male Grooming in Ancient Egypt
Amongst other African tribes, both past and present, male grooming practices vary throughout the continent. But for the most part it symbolizes manhood, strength, pride, or their status in their community. For example, Maasai young men are shaved by their mothers, in a ceremony that takes place annually for a month long circumcision ritual. Circumcision, being another practice that separates us from Europeans.

Kenya's Maasai tribe Women shaved heads
Men: Maasai tribe
So what changed? It's understood that several African traditions and our identity was largely lost among the decedents of slavery, after 400 years of oppression. However, cleanliness and the practice of hair-grooming, including circumcision are a few traditions that survived the onslaught. The barbershop continues to be one of the most important destination for an Black man, and considered a safe place.

Your personal barber will probably not help you trim your bush where the sun don't shine. That's an activity that you usually preform in the privacy of your own home. For heterosexual men, this tradition remains strong, being that is what most female partners prefer. But it has become lost among Gay Millennials.
Many young black gay men are unknowingly stepping away from their heritage in the U.S. and opting for the more natural-hairy look preferred by Europeans.

Unsanitary Hairy Black Bottom satisfying a white man
One of the major factors to this change is the Adult Gay Porn Industry. Within the last 10-15 years the lack of Adult production companies that are owned or operated by African Americans has declined. Distributors such as cocodorm, blackboyzaddiction, Latinoboyz, and bilatinmen are all owned and operated by white men. Which means, we're constantly being subjected to their "European" tastes that's not reflective of our community.
It's important for black gay men to get re-connected to their heritage, and work toward removing all those years of programing. 
There's nothing more beautiful in the world than a strong, smooth, black physique. It's Hygienic, and ascetically pleasing to the eye.

Our community needs to get back to their roots! Pull out those clippers and razors and shave that unsightly body-hair! And be proud that you are an descendant of African Kings. To practice a custom that was passed down for generations will give you pride as well as make you look x100 times better.

Model: African Pharaoh Taharqa
The GQ Guide to Male Body Grooming

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