One Punch Man - Guy Dies Following argument in restaurant

This is a prime example, that when you see a couple arguing in public, just mind your own business and keep it moving.

FOX 5 ATLANTA An bystander at a Florida restaurant, 28-year-old Benjamin Hernandez Jr. is charged with aggravated battery. He tried to play captain-save-a-hoe and intervened to defend the wife of  51 year old Srikanth Srinivasan. He told them that he heard Srinivasan and his wife arguing and asked the husband to back away, but the husband refused.
"The guy took another step towards the woman and he got laid out," said a witness. The bystander didn't know his own strength, and all it took was one punch to knock Srinivasan into a coma.

The wife of 51-year-old Srikanth Srinivasan said her husband died late Wednesday evening, a day after authorities said he was attacked by another customer at a restaurant where they were dining. It happened at Miller’s Ale House, off of Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway on Tuesday evening.

"I saw him hit the floor. He hit in the back of his head and hit really hard," explained an witness.

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