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A sizable portion of Onlyfans users are diverse, but not it's marketplace. Black Content Creators were excluded from the company’s approval system at an much higher rate, and aren't exactly transparent about it.

Something is rotten in the state of Onlyfans's approval process.
For 2 years, the pay-per-view marketplace has severely became deficient in quality Black Male Models. The company was launched in 2016 by Fenix International Limited as a membership marketplace for social media performers to allow their followers to subscribe for a monthly fee to gain access to exclusive videos and photos. The website quickly gained popularity among Adult Entertainers and claimed to have paid out $100 million dollars in revenue to content creators.

The company touts 50,000 content creators and 6 million registered users globally on their platform as of 2019. That's less than 1% or 2,084 on average each month that are approved for the marketplace. 

However, African Americans account for only 12.1% of the total US population and Black men at 5.8%; the number is less than 3% in the UK. Which means, there will be a smaller pool of black men applying; and those whom do qualify will be rejected and denied access to using onlyfans services at a much higher rate. 

We can reasonably estimate and apply U.S. census data in this scenario and say that atleast 348,000 or 5.8% of (6 million registered users) are black men. So technically, there should be 3,480 or 1% approved and readily available in their marketplace. 

However, that number is much lower because of their defective approval process. Maybe less, than 10% or 348 of those users have actually been approved since 2017. It certainly feels that way, and it's extremely difficult to find quality black male models on their platform. It's a void that definitely needs to be address.

Each model has to verify their age with Photo I.D., also revealing their "Ethnic Background". Which could lead to risks of racial discrimination. It's possible to deny users based on their race, age or sexual identity, simply by how they look. This doesn't reflect well on Onlyfans, and it's clear that the company's staff need diversity training.

Break down (between 2017 - 2018)
  • 6 Million registered users
  • 50,000 Content Creators
  • Less than 1% of their total registered users are approved
  • 2,083 Content Creators on average are approved each month
  • Only .6% or 14.5 users per month are Black Men
  • In total there are 348 approved - Black men

The number, that we estimate at 348 shrinks even further when you realize an large majority of these models "regardless of race" won't live up to expectations. Most models won't ever launch their subscription or take it seriously. So, if you love Black men this will leave you with virtually little options. Underrepresented minorities continue to lag, as counts around 25-30 onlyfans accounts that could be considered as decent. Compare that to the hundreds of White men that are currently flourishing on that platform.

Onlyfans will need to make more progress in closing the race-gender gap. The best way to tackle this issue is for Onlyfans to create a Diversity program. To encourage more African Americans and Black people from around the world to sign-up and approve them without all the hassle. Their push toward diversity is crucial to the effectiveness of their service.

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