A Potential Not Yet Realized —Shad Mims's Onlyfans Review

There was high hopes for Rashard aka Shad Mims (@kingsco), an bisexual (23) year old from Birmingham, Alabama. He's onlyfans subscription failed to hit the mark in several categories. The most noticeable blunder is Shad's refusal to post content that reveals his face. However, he's more than willing to expose his female co-star’s face throughout his page, whom probably didn’t give him permission to share the clips.

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Starting Date: January 17, 2019

Total Photos: 91
Total Videos: 52
Total Video Running Time: 1hr, 29 minutes, 52 seconds
Average time between posts: 4 days
Average Length per video: 2 minutes, 11 seconds

Unreleased Content:
Photos - 83 out of 91 is original content, not seen elsewhere.
Videos - 52 of 52 is original content, not seen elsewhere.

No Full featured Nudity: All content found on this page features No Face Shots.

Screen- shoot of @kingsco hiding face with emoji

  • Athletic physique

  • No Full Body Nudes w/face
  • Bad attitude
  • Makes Excuses
  • No HD Quality Videos
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Summary: We can not recommend Shad Mims's Onlyfans page at this time. Although, he has alot of potential, it's not being fully realized. He's refusal to post content that reveals his face is ultimately holding him back and It's disrespectful to paying subscribers. 

Shad should fully disclose and practice more transparency by writing an description on his page warning subscribers of his limitations. It's a very important detail that people should know before spending their hard-earned money. 

At a minimum, we believe all models should show their face. And  failure to do so lessens the experience for everyone.

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