Conspiracy Theory: Is LPSG Ownership in league with Onlyfans?

LPSG Forum bans several outspoken members or notable figures that expose onlyfans models. 
LPSG announced a very long list of onlyfans models that are forbidden from being posted in their forum. In this instance, LSPG cites it's policy against "copyright infringement" to ban users. You can read more here LPSG Copyright Policy

Founded in 1999, The Large Penis Support Group (LPSG) is an adult  forum, or online discussion site where gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgendered people can hold conversations in the form of posted messages. The website claims to have over 600,000 registered users. 

"It is their right to ask for content to be removed and legally we are obliged to remove the content or we could face being sued or shut down" a LPSG spoken said. However, the process for evaluating potential violators could be bias. Even Ebony N' Sweet's account was banned for simply posting negative reviews/feedback of specific models. The reason may be due to some unknown relationship between LPSG and Onlyfans.
Ebonynsweet investigated an alleged relationship between LPSG and Onlyfans, which lead us to their official twitter account. There you can see LPSG following and retweeting several onlyfans models. Even Models, that have recieved negative reviews from their users. And at no surprise LPSG also follows the company's official support feed at @onlyfans which seems fairly odd. Why? LPSG represents over 600,000 gay, bisexual, and transgendered registered users. So with that much power why would they show favoritism toward one particular business over another?
Beyond just banning user accounts. The website's approach in displaying unbridled support for onlyfans is unorthodox. There are several competitors in the market such as connectpal,, subscribe place, Modelhub, Manyvids and more. It would be smart business to create a bidding war between them all to compete for ad space and promotion.
We believe LPSG should be more transparent about their business ties with Onlyfans. It will promote an better understanding on their decision ⁠—to why it appears like they turning their backs on it's own users. It's a betrayal of trust, an issue that needs an immediate remedy.


For now, we recommend that if you share information about onlyfans models to block @LPSG_COM on twitter. Even if you don't post content in their forum, they may monitor your social-media feeds and also look at file sharing links like google drive, and dropbox (if linked in a message on their forum). They shouldn't be concerned about what goes on in other services. It's a huge misstep, and overreach of their power. Similar to twitter or facebook. They are only responsible for content that's uploaded onto their servers, not backlinks.
We support onlyfans models and have our own official account. And it's your right to share feedback and reactions with your fellow peers. Information shouldn't be relegated. Users shouldn't be punished for voicing their concerns. Good or Bad, feedback is necessary for customers to make a more informed decision, it's freedom of speech.

Despite the fact that our LPSG account was banned, we are lucky enough to have a strong following, generating over 20,000 pageviews each week. Our voice cannot be silenced! 

We will continue to monitor the situation to keep you updated.

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