Disneyland Fight Caught on Video

Perhaps, not the happiest place on earth? A brawl broke out among family members visiting Disneyland. The fight, which was caught on dozens of camera phones and brought a disturbing "double standard" on how volatile situations involving black people are perceived in this country. 

On Monday, as the video approached 1 million views, Disney was catching heat on social media for taking more than three minutes to respond to an incident in which three women were punched, slapped or knocked down.
In an unusual step, one of Disneyland's official Twitter feeds addressed the incident, ensuring that "the safety of our Cast and Guests remain our priority."


The video shows a argument between a 2 men and  3 women. The woman, pushing a stroller, spits in the man's face. The man retaliates by slapping her as those watching nearby are stunned.
Three and a half minutes in, Disneyland security officials arrive. As the upbeat Toontown music plays in the background, the four-minute video comes to an end.
On Monday, the Anaheim Police Department said on its Twitter feed that it will use the video as part of its investigation.

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