Update: Khaos Leon Onlyfans Review

Update: 7/27/18
I've completed the first 30 days of my subscription. And since then, Khaos has taken our advice and improved in key areas that we highlighted previously in this review ⁠—such as posting more solo content. We were satisfied enough with his progress to subscribe for another month! 

As a result of his improvements, we will update his rating to 5/5 Stars, Perfect Rating.⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Recently, Khaos had a little stumble and announced that he was retiring from porn 10 days ago, however today he regained his senses and said he will continue posting on his onlyfans page. Stay Tuned.

Original Post: 06/13/18

Our Next Review is about a Model named Khaos Leon, 23 from Atlanta, Georgia. Not much is known about the young talent, so we're just going to allow his content to speak for him.

Total Photos: 4
Total Videos: 29
Running Time: 2 hrs 3 minutes and 39 seconds
Longest Duration without posting: 4 weeks

Ass Play (9)
Oral (3)
Sexual Intercourse (11)
Solo Masturbation (5)
Feet fetish (1) 

Unreleased content
Photos - 2 of 4 is original content, not seen anywhere else
Videos - 29 of 29 is original content, not seen anywhere else

  • HD Quality Videos
  • Variety of Content
  • Lack of Photos
  • Could experience long duration without posting

In Summary, we recommend his subscription and believe Khaos has limitless potential as a solo performer. For New Subscribers, the $8.00 fee will definitely give  you, your money's worth. He's a natural performer and has the charisma to draw in an audience. However, his boyfriend Mars serves nothing more than just a stage prop and lacks the passion and the emotional connection with the audience. He can appear to be a bit boring, and don't have the physical fitness or overall attractiveness that Khaos possess. However he does make up for that in Dick Size.

Khaos, was born to be an Erotic Model, so we would like to see more of him. He should create a schedule and post atleast 2-3 times per week at the minimum, and should never go longer than 48 hours without posting. Also, he will need to build-up his library to attract new potential customers. Khaos is competing against other models that have already accumulated over 200-300 videos after using the platform for 2 years. So, he needs to step-up his game.
Based on our Best Adult practices, Khaos should have uploaded around 3 hours worth of videos after 5 months of operation; he fell short by 60 minutes, which isn't too bad. He didn't post at all during the month of March, which could account for the reason why he didn't reach our recommended quota of uploading atleast 40 minutes per month or 10-15 minutes of video each week. His time may have been split, because he's also featured on his lover Mars's onlyfans page. Both Models have their own separate onlyfans pages that allows them to supply solo content to their customers based on who you would prefer "individually". It's a great idea, if executed a bit better.

Currently, 40% of his content is solo videos or photos. That number needs to improve to around 50-70%. Which basically means, I would like to see more of Khaos. I don't have no other complaints. Otherwise, I believe khaos is on the right track. If he can maintain a posting schedule, he will definitely keep his fans coming back for more.

We recommend onlyfans pages that receive a score of 3 stars or more.



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