Usher's Herpes Legal Battle to have Medical Records sealed

Yahoo Reports, R&B Icon Usher is pleading with a judge to seal his private medical records as part of the lawsuit filed by two women and a man accusing him of giving them herpes.

According to court documents the singer went to court to request that certain records be sealed from the public. Usher says he needs to file exhibits to his motion seeking to compel one of the women suing him to hand over certain information.

Last year, a woman named Quantasia Sharpton – along with a Jane Doe and John Doe – sued the singer claiming they all had sexual relations with Usher. They all say he risked their health by not telling him about his alleged diagnosis and are seeking unspecified damages.
John Doe claimed he had sex with Usher at a Koreatown spa in Los Angeles.

During the case, the male accuser had accused Usher of refusing to turn over private medical records in the case.

He even filed a motion to compel demanding the singer be ordered to turn over his confidential medical records and any possible settlements with other people.

Doe said Usher has not only refused to turn over documents but tried to invoke attorney-client privilege and physician-patient privilege to not hand over the records.

Usher refused to answer a question about whether he settled claims by former lovers over Herpes. Doe said his refusal was nonsense since it has been, “widely reported that Defendant has settled similar claims throughout the years.”

Luckily for usher he's already passed his prime. If this happened 20 years ago, it probably would have spelled the end of his career. 

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