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WSBTV Fulton County School officials have launched an investigation into alleged bullying after an attack on a football player at Roswell High School was caught on camera.

A Roswell mother reached out to Channel 2’s Mike Petchenik after an attack last week in the Roswell Hornets locker room.

She said the fight was the culmination of weeks of taunting and teasing because of her son’s relatively small size and that the attack left her son with a concussion and fearful to attend football practice or school.  She says he’s now giving up on a lifelong dream.

Petchenik reached out to the Fulton County School system about the attack, and a spokesman sent him a statement from Athletics Director, Steven Craft:

“Fulton County Schools is aware of an incident that occurred between two athletes last week at Roswell High School. We are currently investigating the incident. Fulton County Schools will continue to hold our student athletes to the highest standards, and we expect them to always promote great sportsmanship towards their teammates and opponents. We expect our athletes to be leaders on the field, in the classrooms, and in our communities. Failure to comply with these expectations will not be tolerated, and we will continue to hold our athletes accountable to the highest standards.”

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