Jaytooonice Tipsnaps Review | Ebonynsweet

Starting Date: 6/21/19 
Total Photos: 15
Total Videos: 30
Total Video Running time: 20 minutes, 20 secs
Longest Duration without posting: 5 days
Quality: 720p

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Content is considered non-nude if the penis or buttocks do not fully display. 

  • Displays full Frontal Nudity/w Face

  • Short Videos
  • Price Gouging
  • Lack Communication Skills
  • Poor Customer Service
2 out 5 stars ⭐⭐
Poor Rating 

Overall, Jaytoonice is a beautiful guy, but it's clear that he does not know anything about the Adult industry. At $15 per month, his content is overpriced, and after 3 months of activity he failed to post any videos longer than 2 minutes. If you request a custom private video, that will set you back atleast $25 or more.

Inexperienced models make the initial mistake of using their "Ego" while formulating their prices, instead of doing their market field research. Just because you believe your content is worth a million dollars, doesn't make it reality. Prices should always be realistic and comparable to the industry. After careful consideration we can not recommend his subscription at this time. Jaytoonice has plenty of potential, but unfortunately he won't live up to the hype unless he learns how to listen to feedback. And so far, only a small percentage of models have actually done so.

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