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Model: KKing Paul

Total Photos: 64
Total Videos: 87
Total Video Running Time: 2 hrs, 26 minutes or 135 minutes

Today we will review up-and-coming Model KKing Paul. An 18 year old student from Washington, DC. We answer your common questions and give you all the latest details.

What you get: On Average, the videos have an running-time of around 2 minutes, with content ranging from boy/boy sex clips, oral and solo jerk-off scenes. The average-time is calculated by  adding the combined length of each video and dividing that number by the amount of videos. Example: (135 minutes ÷ 87). KKing Paul was very receptive  during our review process and have since made good on a promise to increase the average length of his videos to atleast 5 minutes or longer.

Total Video Breakdown
under 1 minutes - (46)
between 1-5 minutes (35)
over 5 minutes (6)

  • HD or 4K Quality Videos
  • Displays full Frontal Nudity/w face
  • Excellent Physique/toned
  • No Ass Shoots or Videos
Rated 4-1/2 out of 5 Stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Highly Recommended

In Conclusion, we believe KKing Paul will make a fine edition to your collection. For $6.00 you will gain access to his x-rated content which is updated weekly. KKing is a Oral Top whom preforms his sex scenes primarily with his boyfriend (Bottom). We like the balance between his solo content and sex scenes.

The only down-side, is his limitation of NOT showing his ass in photos & Videos due to personal reasons, he explained. However, we gave him our advice and he said that he will consider our suggestion in the future.

KKing Paul is young and have great work ethic. He have shown that he's capable of operating an Adult Business. If he continues to include longer videos, post atleast once a week and work on his limitations he could be considered one of the best Black Male Models on the platform.  

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