Houston Women Escapes Attempted Kidnapping by Lyfe Driver

Houston police are now investigating whether a Lyft driver attempted to kidnap one of his female passengers.

Jeanette Mitchell said after she dropped off her daughter at school in southwest Houston Tuesday morning, her car had stopped working. She said her boyfriend, who works as a mobile mechanic, advised her to leave her car at the school and he would address the issue later.

Mitchell said she then booked a Lyft to work around 8:30 a.m. and a red Toyota Corolla came to pick her up.

Midway through her Lyft ride from her daughter’s school to work, Mitchell said she realized her driver had not been following the GPS’s intended route.

She claims her driver veered off the main road and began driving down the 8600 block of Lapin Street then suddenly stopped behind a truck parked in front of an abandoned warehouse.
Mitchell said the driver was not responding to her questions.

Mitchell said another man then stepped out of the truck and began unlocking the gate.

“He puts the key in and unlocks the chain and signals to the other guy to drive in. And I was like wait, what are you doing? So at that time I got out the car and I started to run,” said Mitchell.

Mitchell said she believed she was in danger and followed her gut instinct to flee before it was too late. She said she ran down a few blocks away to a gas station on Richmond and Dunvale Street and called police.

Read more here  https://www.fox10phoenix.com/news/houston-woman-believes-lyft-driver-tried-kidnapping-her-gives-viral-warning

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