Streaming Battle: Which will you choose?

The planned launch of  HBO MAX in 2019 is ushering the start of an streaming war, one where established industry leaders like Netflix,  Disney Plus, Amazon Prime Video are facing growing competition from major new players in the industry. 

As companies, begin to roll-back their own content and cancel their licensing agreements on streaming services like Netflix to establish their own platforms. It's becoming increasing confusing on where to find your favorite TV Shows and films. So, check out the complete run-down below. Which will you choose?

Launch Date: April 2020

Owned by AT&T

Available: HBO, Adult Swim, Cartoon Network, DC Universe, Max Originals, Tru TV, TNT, CNN, TBS, Warner Brothers Studios, Warner Media and Crunchyroll

Notable programs: Watchmen, Euphoria, Game of Thrones, Insecure, Westworld, Friends, Fresh Prince

Disney Plus

Owned by The Walt Disney Company

Available: Twentieth Century Fox, Marvel Studios, Pixar, Lucasfilm, National Geographic

Special Note: The Walt Disney Company also owns streaming service Hulu which is available with a special bundle including ESPN+  also owned by Disney. Both streaming services have their own original programming.

Hulu will eventually host content from the FX Networks, which will feature shows like Pose, American Horror Story and Snow Fall. FX Networks was acquired by Disney earlier this year.

ESPN+ currently hosts original programming and live broadcasts of NCAA Men's Football, NCAA Men's Basketball, MLB and NBA League Games and much more.

Notable properties: Simpsons, Highschool Musial, Star Wars


Owned by Comcast
Launch Date: April 2020

Available: NBCUniversal, NBC,  CNBC, Universal Studios, Dreamworks

Notable properties: The Office, Parks and Recreation, Saved by the Bell, SNL, Law and Order, How to Train Your Dragon, Sherk, Jaws, E.T. The Extra Terrestrial, American Pie

CBS All Access

Owned by CBS Corp/National Amusements, Inc

Available: CBSN,  CBS Sports, CBS LIVE

Notable programs: Star Trek Discovery, Twilight Zone, Big Brother, Survivor

(Own but not available): BET, Comedy Central, Paramount Pictures, ET, MTV, Nickelodeon, VH1 and Showtime

Special note: CBS Corp owns the BET Network & BET+ streaming service through the purchase of it's parent company Viacom.

BET Plus the best in Black Entertainment by your favorite creators – from Martin to exclusive original series First Wives Club and Bigger. Launch Date Nov. 17th


Owned by Netflix
Available: Original Programming, Licensed content from multiple Hollywood studios.

Notable programs: StrangerThings, Dear White People, Lost in Space, Black Mirror

Amazon Prime Video

Owned by Amazon

Available: Original and Licensed programing

Notable programs: The Boys, Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan, The Marvelous Ms Maisel

Special Shout-outs: Starz, YouTube Premium, Apple+, Facebook Watch

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