Exposed: Rap Superstar DaBaby's Nudes leaked

Adult performer Jack the Rippher have stepped-in to claim that the “DaBaby video” is actually him! The video in question was overlapped with Dababy's voice to fool the unsuspecting audience, it even fooled us! #Fail

Jonathan Lyndale Kirk better known as Rap Superstar DaBaby (formerly known as Baby Jesus), best known for his single "Suge", is currently an trending topic on social media, because an leaked video clip of his penis was exposed on a celebrity bait page on the popular porn subscription service We believe the video clip is authentic. You can clearly hear and recognize Baby's voice in the video. Hear the audio version here


Dave Tastes is back! | Ebonynsweet

South African Model Dave Tastes is back on Onlyfans after an 2-month hiatus. He promises that new content is on the way! Currently, he's running a 50% discount at $5.00 still Nov. 19th. hurry and join now! You don't want to miss out! In this article, we've taken a in-depth look at German Model "DaveTastes".

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