WHOISCOLEMAN Starring in Peloton Christmas Present | Parody (Video)

The holiday Peloton commercial, made by the Exercise equipment manufacturer called “The Gift That Gives Back,”  was viewed more than seven million times on YouTube. The ad drew the wrath of social media.
In the commercial, A svelte mother, played by the actress Monica Ruiz, receives a Peloton stationary bike from her husband for Christmas. She spends the next year filming herself in her luxurious home as she approaches the contraption or pedals like mad, often appearing anxious, perhaps terrified. She turns the footage into a video for her spouse and declares that she “didn’t realize how much this would change me.” Watch WHOISCOLEMAN's entertaining take on the controversy below.


This Controversial Ad Is Why You're Seeing the "Peloton Girl" Meme Everywhere

Peloton released an ad titled "The Gift That Gives Back" and the internet is showing no mercy, parodying and spoofing what is now called the Peloton Girl. Critics called the ad "privileged," "sexist," and "dystopian," causing the brand's stock to take a tumble, as well as a $1 billion hit, during the holiday season.

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