Penn State | Lawsuit ⁠—Explosive claims of Sexual Assault

USA Today Reports, Penn State University football coach James Franklin allegedly forced former player Isaiah Humphries out of the program after he reported violent, sexual hazing by other members of the team, according to a lawsuit filed Monday. 

The lawsuit names the university, Franklin and ex-teammate Damion Barber as defendants in the case. In the suit, Humphries also claims players Micah Parsons, Yetur Gross-Matos and Jesse Luketa facilitated a campaign to harass and haze the underclassmen. 

The allegations get much worse from here. Here's a list from the lawsuit.....
  • Upperclassmen wrestle lower classmen to the ground and "place [his] genitals on the face of the lower classmen."
  • An upperclassman would hold down a lower classman and "present his penis close to the face of the lower classman and stroke his genitalia simulating the action of ejaculation."
  • Humphries claims an upperclassman would put his penis on the buttocks of the lower classmen and stroke and again simulate masturbation ... sometimes while the victim was naked in the locker room shower.
  • Upperclassmen would grab lower classmen by the genitals

    Humphries claims he and his father reported the hazing to members of the Penn State coaching staff -- including head coach James Franklin ⁠—but nothing was done by the team specifically.
    Humphries is now seeking unspecified financial damages for the harm it caused to his football career, along with severe physical and emotional distress.
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