Bait-Blogger on Tumblr Arrested and charged with sex crimes

The popularity of bait-blogs on the social media platform Tumblr, was huge before the porn ban. Gay men would regularly set-up fake catfish accounts on snapchat, instagram and Kik to trick unsuspecting men into sending them nudes. Baiters would then sell dropbox folders of their victims to make a profit.


New York Post, reports Derrick Jones, 18, A Pennsylvania senior at Monsignor Bonner Catholic High School was busted back in 2017 for catfishing more than 100 boys to get them to send him nudes.
Jones, would pose as a girl named “Haley” on various apps to reach out to the boys, some of whom were in middle school, news station WDAU reported. His so-called “Haley” disguise was a real girl whose identity he stole using photos from Tumblr.
“They believed that they were receiving naked pictures of a teenage girl and so they were responding to Haley thinking that it was a teenage girl that was interested in them. Unfortunately, it was not,” Delaware County District Attorney Jack Whelan said at a Thursday press conference.
At his sentencing, one of his victims testified he sent the photos to what he thought was girl when he was 14. But then several years later, after he refused to send more, Jones created an Instagram account with the victim's nude photos and sent an invite to hundreds of people, including the victim’s sister, aunt, and father, along with classmates and friends. 
He said he was strong enough to survive — he even went to school the next day — but he looked at the defendant and said, "You could have killed me, Derrick."

Jones, pleaded guilty to more than a dozen charges in September 2018, and sentenced to six to 12 years in state prison.

Warning: If you see any of these "Bait Shops" avoid them at all costs. You could be buying recycled illegal-links from Derrick Jones.


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