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There are alot of factors that contribute to Young Lyon's disappointing debut in the Adult Industry. Here's a look at the real reasons his Onlyfans subscription didn't preform as well as expected.

Author: Stanley M | January 18, 2020

Think of the biggest earning sex-workers on subscription services like Onlyfans and Connectpal, and the usual megastars might come to mind. Dwayne Mckell, Quintheman, Jermaine Hollins, and TriplexKale for example, have all gained global recognition and  collectively generated thousands of dollars in revenue. However, the new guys are on the horizon and ready to take the world by storm ⁠—which brings us to Young Lyon.

Everybody loves to watch Young Lyon —his porn career began on pornhub the world's leading free adult website. He generated 500,000 video views in 2019. And the same year, took on a more ambitious project and moved to the online subscription service onlyfans. He's a natural. While he juggled the demands of being a full-time college student, he made an remarkable evolution into being one of the most exciting Black male performers on the market today. 
However, he recently made a series of bad decisions over the last 2 months that sparked his decline. Ahead, take a look at Young Lyon's Rise and Falland see if he'll survive throughout the year.

Starting Date: October 2, 2019
Age: 21
Orientation: Straight
Photos: 27
Videos: 41
Total Video Running-Time: 3 hrs, 39 minutes, 58 seconds
Average Length Per Video: 6 minutes, 20 seconds
Frequency of Posts: ( 5.5 x Times per Month)
Total Size: 15.5 gigs

On the surface, the stats looks pretty great. The length of each video is 67% above the industry average for Amateur Models. And you can expect him to post atleast once per week, it looks promising, right? Wrong.
According to Psychological research published in the scientific journal Evolution and Human Behavior in 2009 suggests that the face is more important to judgements of overall level of attractiveness than the Body. An essay from University of California, Santa Cruz says, the face is perhaps the most powerful "channel" of nonverbal communication, especially during sex. So, it's been increasingly troubling to see that Young Lyon have opted-out of posting a Onlyfans video featuring his full-face in nearly 2 months. But, why?

The "Young Lyon Effect" 
Caption: Old Footage from pornhub revealing face
There's no question, that Young Lyon is considered one of the most attractive men to blow-up on the scene in 2019. Smooth-clear skin, High cheekbones, dreamy brown eyes with a head full of curly-hair is the recipe for perfection. Lyon's boy-next-door appearance with a huge 10 inch dick, helped him gain nearly 18,000 twitter followers in less than 60 days. It was amazing.

Lyon was posed to become one of the biggest sellers on Onlyfans in 2020, however those expectations have been called seriously into questionwhen he suddenly got stage fright and stopped revealing his entire full-face in his videos.

Caption: Young Lyon Hiding Face
We haven't seen a full featured face video since November, and it doesn't look like this trend will cease anytime soon. This leaves us with only 6 clips that shows his entire face, making up less than 20% of his total videos.

Historically, models that have exhibited issues revealing their face don't experience long-term success in the Adult industry. His face is ultimately part of his branding and that's how fans gain a connection and identify with him. Without it, he's just another average guy on the internet. 
A big dick isn't enough. He won't ever unlock his full potential unless he stop holding back and welcome his role as a sex-worker. 

We believe he could eventually earn a 6-figured payday and be elevated to stardom. But he won't ever reach those numbers while acting shy.
Credit: IG @heyounglyon
Rated 2 out 5 stars ⭐⭐
(Poor Rating)
Not Recommended 

There are 5 categories that we use to rate each model: Communication, Quality, Fitness Level, Frequency of posts, and price. We deducted 1 point from Young Lyon for practicing bad communication. He should have fully disclosed his no-face stance with his subscribers. We also deducted another point for bad quality. We believe that video quality is largely dependent on the audience being able to see what they want to see. Lyon hiding his face is a major red flag. His price is also too high based on his set of limitations. So, if we calculate all these factors we value his page at around $3.99 instead of $9.99.

(-) Communication
(-) Quality
(+) Fitness Level
(+) Frequency of Posts
(-) Price
Well, It's obvious. Show your face! And stop living in fear. Embrace your inner freak, and never regret it. 

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