Scammers are taking over twitter | How to Fight back

The number one reason victims of online scams feel paralyzed or helpless is because they lack the knowledge to fight back.
For this reason, I've decided to give a tutorial for sex-workers on how to fight back against anyone who attempts to impersonate, bully or harass you on twitter.
As you may know Instagram Influencer Zaywoah is currently going through an horrible situation with scammer (@millionaiirdick). If you don't know the backstory, this individual created several fake onlyfans pages and sold nude photos and videos of Zaywoah without his authorization and stole over $1,000 USD.
Even after being exposed as fraudulent, (millionaiirdick) is still continuing the scam stealing content directly from Zaywoah's official onlyfans account and then uploading edited versions of the clips on his fake twitter page the next day.

First Step: Visit the Impersonator's Twitter Page. Find the (3) dots in the far right hand corner.

Second Step: Click the 3 dots to reveal the Menu. Scroll down and click Report Page.

Third Step: Click "They're pretending to be me or someone else".

Fourth Step: Click Me

Fifth Step: Write a short description simply stating that this account is harassing. scamming and impersonating you.

After you finish the last step, you will receive a email from Twitter Support, that will ask you for more information.

To Follow Option 1 or 2. 
  • Find a clear surface and snap a clear photo of your Driver license or Government issued I.D.
Actor (not real) Credit
You will receive a email that will provide a link to upload your photo I.D. 

They will investigate and remove the account without further action.

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