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Update for 6-30-20
We have another important update. Zaywoah converted his new page into a free subscription tier with a pay-per-view feed. Which means he will charge you a set price of $15.00 per video. He's charging more, for shorter videos less than 5 minutes. We strongly believe that all pay-per-view videos should be atleast 10 minutes or longer to bring true value. So, sadly, we can no longer recommend his services.
We gave him plenty of chances. And hoped he would settle down. But it seems like all hope of that ever happening is now gone.

Update: 6/24/20

We have a very important announcement. Zaywoah's original page @imyiair is now inactive. Before, he was able to regain access to his original account he prematurely created a second page. Currently, models are only allowed to have (1) free page, and (1) subscription page. This caused an issue that didn't allow him to upload new content. He sent us a screenshot as proof (seen below).

In moving forward, he will exclusively use his new page at https://onlyfans.com/zyi2x

Sorry, It's been a bit confusing, but hopefully things will settle down.

Update: 6/1/20

Today Zaywoah's original account was reactivated! So you won't need to resubscribe to his secondary account that we've posted here yesterday. If you subscribed already, contact him at @60zyi and work something out.  

The original account again is https://onlyfans.com/imzyiair

If you was already subscribed then you should see his account on your feed again and can resume your subscription. This have been a very confusing situation! But hopefully we've helped you sort through it.

Update: 5/30/20

Zaywoah is back with a New account! Subscribe at https://onlyfans.com/zyi2x 

Support the new page and help him get back on his feet!

Original Post 5/29/20

In an announcement published Friday, Instagram influencer Zaywoah stated that he's retiring from onlyfans. 

The account was deleted after an obsessed stalker reported his page for an obscured rule in the onlyfans terms of service agreement that reads;
3. Account Registration 3.6.5 you will not use any third party payment processors to accept payments for subscriptions, or any other service, via OnlyFans.
Zaywoah, simply asked for "tips" via ca$h app during a live broadcast. It was totally optional. And his live broadcast was excellent. The show ran for over 30 minutes and was saved on his regular feed for users to re-watch. What he did wasn't a punishable offense. Onlyfans should have let him off with a warning. He made the mistake only 1 time and it shouldn't have warranted in over 400 subscribers losing their investment.

We definitely believe the situation could have been avoided, but onlyfans shouldn't suspend accounts this easily. They made a mistake big time, and we want our Zaywoah back!

 Listen to our message to ZayWoah Below

If he decides to heed our advice and come back with a new page. We will let you know and keep you updated!

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