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Minneapolis A cellphone video that is circulating on social media on Tuesday; captured a mob of atleast 15-20 men surrounding the victim, identified as Iyanna Dior, was viciously punched multiple times and verbally abused by the group of men.

Brutal Mob Beating of Minneapolis Transwomen
Iyanna Dior (Facebook)
She was allegedly beaten because she was involved in a car fender bender. Check out the footage below. (Warning Graphic).

Dior, survived and currently recuperating from the mental trauma this traumatic event and healing from her physical injuries. Members of the Black LGBTQ Community are Calling for justice are voicing their angry in support for Iyanna Dior.

If you would like to show your support you can send Iyanna an donation via Ca$h App to $NajaBabiie. Official Facebook Page[0]=AZVYCw6nJ9TR1_aYRl2cQ08c15lkBIc00wgu992oGcod4Mj3Qao7JaeVjlvj1z-b7vIAtVl9d_MSEvoJ6eRGbAcDzR1BH4Eh54HVRI0RjZ32qTa0c8NcQ2tDev7dCjuughc&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R

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