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Our next review will feature Instagram Influencer Tony Hallelujah, also known as Lightskin Papichulo. He's onlyfans page truly delivers the goods and you will thoroughly enjoy his brand of sex appeal and upbeat sense of humor.

Our report will provide a full description of all his services. And we will answer the important question. Is his page worth it? Lets begin.

Starting date: January 29, 2020
Photos: 27
Unlocked Videos: 31
Archived Posts:
Locked 8
Total Size: 1.56 gig
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Total Unlocked Video Running Time: 26 minutes, 45 seconds

It's important to note that essentially ALL of his best videos are PPV (pay-per-view) and will be our primary focus in this review.
PPV Video Breakdown 

Jerk off video 12 minutes, 10 seconds
Price ($11.99)
 Release Date on 06/22/20
Jerk off video 11 minutes, 17 seconds
Price ($9.99)
Release Date on 07/25/20

Jerk off video 9 minutes, 34 seconds
Price ($9.50)
Release Date on 07/15/20

Jerk off video — 6 minutes, 34 Seconds 🏆 Winner
Price ($7.00)
 Release Date on 07/22/20

Shower 4 minutes, 30 seconds
Price ($7.00)
 Release Date on 07/12/20
Jerking — 5 minutes, 13 Seconds
Price ($6.99)
Release Date on 06/30/20

Shower 3 Minutes, 6 seconds
Price ($3.99)
 Release Date on 07/03/20

Sexual Intercourse 7 minutes, 22 seconds
Price ($25.00)
Release Date on 07/06/20

Sexual Intercourse 4 minutes
Price ($15.00)
Release Date on 07/10/20
Additional services:
Custom-made videos
Private Live Show
1 on 1 Conversations

For additional fees, you can have more of his individual attention. You can schedule a XXX Live show or just talk and have a normal conversation. Prices can vary for custom-made videos depending on the request and private shows will set you back $50.00.

(+) Communication
(+) Video Quality

(+) Fitness Level
(+) Frequency of Posts
(-)  Price

(-) Truthful Advertising
Blue    Good
Red     Needs Improvement
Green  Okay, but could be better
He's a hustler and willing to put in the hard work. If there's something extra that you'd like to see. He would be more than willing to provide it for you. 
Thanks for reading our review! If you have any questions comment below.

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