FineassFlaco Onlyfans Review

Rising Model FineAssFlaco is in the running to be considered one of the Biggest Breakout stars of 2020. He has a bright future ahead in the adult industry.

Take a look inside the world of one of the most exciting young talents on Onlyfans. At just 22 yrs old, he had a impressive debut over the summer and gained praise from thousands of fans. Read on to learn more.

Starting Date: March 15, 2020
Unlocked Photos: 6
Unlocked Videos: 57
Locked PPV Videos: 8
Total Size: 11.7 gigs
Sexual Orientation:  Straight
Total Unlocked Video Running-time: 5 hrs, 5 minutes, 35 seconds
 Breakdown for Unlocked Videos
 Under 1 minutes 11
Under 5 minutes 26
Between 5 to 10 minutes 13
Over 10 minutes
Additional Videos......

On Average, Flaco releases around (2) pay-per-view videos per month and at an affordable rate. He won't over-do it. Majority of his content will be uploaded on his regular feed.

There are two main categories: Solo Masturbation and Sexual Intercourse. The solo content makes up 29.8% of the videos. You will enjoy every moment of Flaco stroking his beautiful long dick. And good news, he does show his full-body and face. No hiding here. He will give you a good show without holding back.
Behind every man, is a strong woman. We can't ignore or take for-granted the influence of his starring lady Boriqua Miami. She is featured in all of his sex scenes, which accounts for 70.2% of the content overall.

Rated 5 out 5 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  • HD/4K Video Resolution
  • Displays full frontal nudity w/face
  • Displays Ass
  • Toned Physique
  • Answer DMs
  • Private Requests
  • Post Frequently ( x 2.5 times per week) 
  •     None

(+) Communication
(+) Video Quality
(+) Fitness Level
(+) Frequency of Posts
(+) Price

Blue   Good
Red    Needs Improvement
Green Okay, but could be better

We are very pleased with FineassFlaco's strong work ethic and professionalism. We don't have any complaints. He's a great communicator and responds back to his DMs. He will also fulfill your reasonable requests. We believe his #1 attribute is his profound respect and love that he shows to the gay community. You definitely need to check him out, you won’t regret it!

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