JD Responds to Stanley's Criticism Over Sex-texting Story | Enjoy the Podcast: EP4

The much anticipated Episode 4 of the sex series is now available. Is foreplay more important than sex? How long does it take for Los to get aroused? Let's talk foreplay. Watch Now!

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Our Response

....... When I first listened to JD response starting :56 and ending at 6:32. I was gearing up for war.


Ebony N' Sweet never backed down from a fight. We can go round for round. However, there will always be casualties of war. Take a listen to our response.
We truly love Jared, and Los is our new bae💕. So we don't want to kill nobody, especially their friend! Hey, sometimes men can disagree and that's okay. 

It's All Love JD! We will continue to challenge you, but in a more productive way.

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