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Sex is Art. Music is Art. Of course, we love both. It makes us joyful and transports us into a blissful state of mind. The link between sex and music is indisputable.  Both, in it's ablity to stimulate our conciseness and make us feel good. 
In modern times, musicians have successfully combined the two to create a New Hybrid artist.  While societal norms continue to change over time, it's starting to become more acceptable for singers & Hip-Hop artists to dive into the Adult Industry meet with huge fanfare.


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 Stream 🎶 his latest single OD For Love

Stream 🎶 his latest Mixtape Innocent Malice 


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Stream 🎶 Caution Now Available Everywhere! 

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Stream 🎶 his latest single Pretty Girl World


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Stream 🎶 his latest song Neva Fold


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For More Click Here https://linktr.ee/JG303KING


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 Stream his latest single 🎶 Ice and Bugettes

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