Lil Nas X is going to jail!!!! Oh lawdt

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Date: 07/19/21
Lil Nas X announced his new single "Industry Baby" featuring hip-hop star Jack Harlow and produced by Kanye West. Watch the trailer below.
The controversial rapper is showing off his acting chops "Krump Style" and Ole' to Eddie Murphy's Nutty Professor II. He's playing multiple roles including the defendant, the judge, the lawyers and even a member of the jury. Lil Nas X is the ultimate troll, poking fun at his sexuality and the lawsuit behind his Satan shoes. He sentenced himself to 5 years in prison and i'm totally here for it. Can we get some prison sex scenes in the music video? Well, I guess we have to wait and see this friday.
“Industry Baby” is the 3rd single off his debut album likely to drop sometime this year. 

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