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UPDATE 9-4-18
Shootter718 Hidden Tumblr page reveals the Truth! He's page actively supports tumblr blogs that exposes unsuspecting men from periscope. You can see several screen recordings of nude men. It could also be possible that these distasteful pages are actually owned and ran by him. As you can see below he currently followers and reblogs (perixposed) on both Tumblr and Twitter. 
  We turned up the heat and shootter718 is panicking! He desperately contacted our web-host provider to take down this post, But he failed! He doesn't want us to shine the spotlight on all of his disgusting activities. But his fraudulent attempts to stop us will never work! We will continue to give you all the latest updates of this developing situation.

Update 8-30-18
Warning: A new tumblr page has surfaced and they also created a snapchat page and ca$h app to sale your privates! We alerted you previously that Shooter718 was involved with these catfishes and now we have proof! He was reblogged by the expose page (6perixposed6). There are virtually over 50 million tumblr pages, it's not just an coincidence that Shooter718 is being followed and reblogged by this account. For more information continue to scroll down and read more below. 6perixposed6.tumblr.com


Update 8-19-18
Catfishes are getting smarter and smarter. Since being exposed by our Catfish Report, they have adapted by creating multiple accounts logged under the same I.P. Address and then entering broadcasts at the same time. They use this tactic to cause confusion 'using the power of numbers' to point the finger at unsuspecting viewers. Don't be fooled! 
Have a tip? Send to catfish.report@ebonynsweet.com

I believe periscope shows should be respected! This is why I created this page to expose the periscope users that are betraying the trust of the broadcasters.

Bookmark this page to get updates on periscope catfishes (Men disguised as female) with the intent on recording and exposing unsuspecting men on tumblr! These catfishes have recorded over 2,000 hours worth of content and posted over 400 images on tumblr. It's an epidemic! I have the inside information on all these people that are responsible and I'm spilling all the beans!

Shooter Got The Groups aka @ThePlugShootter718 - This user is an Homosexual male with several of his followers are catfishes under fake accounts. He invites people that he wants to record in his group, then he either switches to a fake female profile or he gets his male team-members to complete the tasks. He is responsible for baiting hundreds of men.

Shooter's Top Team Members 


UPDATE: 8-19-18 Kingston just admitted that he does co-own and control the Group known as "Shooter got the Hoes". This confirms are earlier statements when we claimed that both of these accounts are working together to record unsuspecting men.  We always bring the receipts!
After I warned a broadcaster of Kingston's activities. He allowed this lil information to slip! He never denied our claims, and he's only response was " She mad" lol...  We caught him red handed. If they were innocent, they would acknowledge our claims and then actively try to correct the issues related to their group. Instead they removing whistle-blowers from their group, instead of the catfishes!

And FYI: We have many spies in Shooter's group, we aren't actually kicked out of anything. We took special precautions in making sure we can always monitor this group. We will continue to bring you all the latest updates!

A Common Trick
  • A good way to spot out a catfish account.They will always claim that their previous account was 'deleted' in their bio, as an excuse to having 'No Hearts'. This strategy is meant to trick your mind into believing that even though they don't  have any recent broadcasts, they 'might' have broadcasted live in the past. Also, alot of men are fooled into believing that the catfish don't have broadcasts simply because she's just being 'Cautious', which is always a lie!
  • Catfish accounts work together to build their hearts: Don't judge profiles by the amount of hearts or followers they have. Guys are always fooled this way! The only way you can tell that you're talking to a female is to see her Broadcast live or hear her voice on the phone, duh!!! They will try to gain your trust and lie, lie and lie.
  • Never judge a catfish account by their snapchat and instagram accounts. These people are "professional" baiters. They already have fake accounts that they worked on for years to fool unsuspecting men. Likes and followers can be purchased on instagram through multiple marketing firms.
What kinda things catfish accounts ask for in privates?
  • Catfishes will always ask to see your 'ASS", or they may plainly ask you to "Show me your Back".
  • Gay men love to ask Straight men to Spit on their penis. Spitting is a horrible habit that totally grosses out a real woman. Only a gay male will ask you to spit.
 TOP CATFISH OF THE WEEK @babygirlkatt

Milianna aka @Perla3
Jess aka @Breakbreadhoe
Juzme aka @Simplymee5
Madison aka @Madison513
Victora aka @Staycalim 

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